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No, the data is controlled by you and only people you have given access to the data can see it through the application or the database.

We do offer an analytical service on a SLA where we will send you insights into your data.

It is up to you where you want to host the server. It can be on your own server locally hosted or in the cloud.

Through strategic partners we can arrange for shared servers if the need arises.

Yes we can do POC’s, we will help you fine tune the system dependent on your requirement, getting you the best results.

In some cases the return on investment in the POC can cover the cost of the system.

No, it is legal, you do need an IT policy that people have agreed to, in the policy you will state that you have monitoring software running. Most large companies have fire walls etc. that monitor network traffic and this is no different.

We prefer to tell the users that it is on their system and show them what it does, explaining how it can help them be more productive.

We believe people come to work, but they just need some guidance to be productive.

No the agent uses less resource than a chrome browser.

No, this is not a problem. Tistro will continue to work and when the user comes back online the information will be updated.

The user will not even know it has happened.

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