Month: February 2019

Working from home increases productivity

There are many reasons working from home is becoming the norm, the least of which is regaining time lost as a result of massive increases in travel time to and from work.  As management the obvious challenge here is knowing what these staff members are doing, are they engaged with business related work , but drilling further down are they productive and most of all are they efficient? Is the business getting value for its investment in the individual?


It must be stated from the start that not all jobs cater for being able to work from home, and not all jobs are computer-based, but for those that can work from home and are computer-based, managers can both take advantage of this growing trend and sleep at night knowing that the business and its needs are being met in this new paradigm.

Saucecode has been able to let people work from home with a 30 to 40 % increase in efficiency and productivity, using TISTRO we collect the data to analyse and prove it. It takes some getting used to and the method of communication must move into the new age. Individuals need to be mature about how they communicate but as this quite quickly becomes the norm, every company will develop their own processes.

Saucecode has an online meeting every morning where the individuals can discuss their previous days work and what they are going to do today, often sharing their screen enabling everyone to see the progress of the user. Management can compare this to the results seen in the TISTRO system and the outcomes of the work, leaving them with the confidence that work is progressing as planned or expected.

As a company there has been a noticeable decrease in the absenteeism rate and a marked improvement in the number of productive hours and output has noticeably inceased.

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