Why track productivity?

The bottom line of Productivity
Applications and Internet connectivity have become the core tools that drive
most businesses, but equally their efficient or inefficient usage as well as the distractions they offer
users has multi-folded. It has even necessitated IT policy usage documentation as standard practice.
However, even within policy frameworks are you getting the best out of your employees. Are they
both efficient and productive to the business? Do you have proof of that or just an unqualified gut
Have you ever wondered

 Is my business running as productively and efficiently as it can be? What is the ratio?
 Are my individual employees managing their work tasks efficiently and productively?
 Are my off-site employees being productive and efficient in their work days?
 Is the use of Internet access during core hours being skewed towards personal use, social
media and so forth.
 What percentage of core working hours is being utilised for personal use?
 Are my machines doing the work and my employees watching them work
 Are any employees over burdened resulting in long work days and the risk of burnout as a
 What applications are being used in my organization, by how many of my staff, for how
long? Do I need as many licenses as I am paying for?
 Is my productivity stable, increasing, or declining? Individually, departmentally, company
wide? How is it affected seasonally?
 Did the new application result in an increase in productivity and efficiency?
 Which individuals are more or less productive than others, can I fathom why that is?
 Have leaving or incoming staff affected productivity? How?

Tistro can give you these insight’s and more; assist in more qualified decisions to increase your
bottom line by managing your company’s productivity effectively. The ability to measure related
business decisions against expected results.

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Understanding your employees productivity in- and output is the first step towards being able to enhance positive results in your employees development and on your financial botton line

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